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Wife by Wednesday

Wife by Wednesday (Weekday Brides Series) ♥♥♥♥


Blake is an English Duke in need of a wife or he will lose his family fortune by his next birthday. Those were the requirements of his father’s will to manipulate Blake from the grave. Samantha is a matchmaker for wealthy men looking for the right women to their business requirements. Her business is about logical sensible choices for marital relationships instead of choosing for love. A win-win for all parties involved.

After employing her to find his perfect match, Blake decides that Sam is the woman for him.  Sam is understandably wary, but he makes her an offer that she cannot refuse. Considering that she has others she needs to think about, his proposal seems like the answer to a prayer. Blake is determined that he will outwit his father’s legal requirements and have a pleasurable time while doing it.


The story was somewhat predictable, but entertaining and really funny. The supporting characters will add to the story and the entertainment factor. No romance would be complete without the half-truths and slight misunderstands along the way. Blake and Sam make a business deal in the beginning of their relationship and both knew that love was not supposed to be part of it. In the end, trust, not love, is the issue that decided the fate of their relationship.

Buy this book!!!!  I loved it. Wife by Wednesday was such a cute story. This is a modern day simple girl-becomes-duchess story. And the funny thing about it is that the “simple girl-becomes-duchess” premise actually happens. I think England’s own Princess Kate is a good example of that. There might not be enough royals to go around for all the girls to have their own duke, but it goes to show that the storyline of this book was not too farfetched.

An innocent trying to seduce a man is hilarious

Scale of 1 – 5: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

In the prologue, Emma is almost the victim of a sexual assault. That changes her from a fun loving adventurous young girl to a jaded and somewhat bitter person. With some reluctance years later, her parents allow her to have a season in order to find a husband.

Sebastian, also known as “Angel Duke” since his reputation as a buffer proof, is looking for wife. He needs to choose but he is bored with his choices of immature debutantes. He meets and is drawn to Emma. She acknowledges the attraction but does not even feel she is a worthy contender for marriage considering her perceived sordid past. He is a duke that is above reproach and she is supposedly “tainted”.

Side note: it is sad to me that when a woman is a victim of a sexual assault, people still judge her as if she caused it to happen. No woman asks for it. As in Emma’s case, it is usually a mentally twisted man whose desires motivate him to take by force what is not belong to him.

Back to the story…

Emma and Sebastian have a similar goal: get married. They agreed to help each other find spouses. This was funny to me since it is obvious that they want each other. There was plenty of back and forth funny banter between the two of them. I was laughing out loud at Emma’s so-called efforts to try to seduce Sebastian. She was such an innocent that it was cute.

In the end, Sebastian and Emma confront their respective demons and are able to resolve the issues holding them back from acknowledging their love for each other. This was a great story!

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