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Easy Peasy roasted chicken

I am usually reviewing products and services on this blog. But this roasted chicken recipe was so easy that I had to share.
I went to Food Network’s site and found Emeril Lagasse recipe for roasted chicken. I searched for roasted chicken and decided to use the recipe that looked the least complicated. I am in no way a good cook. I don’t like too many steps (like sear then bake). And I don’t like any dish that requires constant attention because I am probably going to mess it up when I forget about it. Yea. It is not a question of IF but WHEN. If I can throw the ingredients together and come back in a predetermined time, that is the best for me.

Step 1: Cut up big chicks of onion, celery, bell pepper, carrots, potatoes and put into the roasting pan.
Step 2: Wash and dry chicken. Take out guts from the inside
Step 3: Season chicken with salt and pepper. Rub skin with a mixture 4 tablespoon olive oil / 4 tablespoon butter / 1 tablespoon dry rosemary. Squeeze juice of one lemon and put the lemon rind in the cavity. Put into roasting pan and bake 500 degrees for 50 – 60 minutes (you know it’s done when juices run clear when you poke the leg at thickest point).

Step 4: Rest chicken for 15 minutes (meaning out of the oven but don’t cut into it) and enjoy.

The steps are so simple. And I set the timer on the oven to check the chicken after 50 minutes and the chicken looked perfect. The roasted veggies and chicken were full of flavor and cooked just right. I was hesitant to follow the instructions as described because I thought that oven temperature was too high. But I decided that I am going to follow the recipe to the letter and if it did not come out right, I was going to complain. I don’t know why I had any doubts. Emeril has never steered me wrong (I tried one of his recipes once before and it was equally delicious).

The final product was something worth publicizing. I shared my picture on my FB page, Instagram, and emailed a lot of my friends. Hubby asked me if I impressed myself. "YEP!" I said.
Even if you have never roasted a chicken, this recipe is so easy to follow that it will make you feel like you are Julia Childs.

I did think about trying to cook something else for the next day, but I got tired and took a nap instead.