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Guest Stephen Lomer muses about his fave books @stephenlomer #KindleUnlimited

This guest post is by Stephen Lomer, author of Stargazer Lilies or Nothing at All.

My favorite book. How does a person even decide that? It’s like asking a mother which of her children she loves the most.

Okay, maybe it’s not exactly like that. But it’s tough. It is one tough call.

My knee-jerk reaction is to answer with Stephen King’s The Stand, which held the number-one spot in my heart for a very, very long time.

In addition to it being a really well-written, well thought-out novel, I was always amazed by the sheer length of the thing. The complete and uncut edition is 1,200 freaking pages. Writing a book that long is daunting enough, but to keep it fresh and compelling and interesting from cover to cover is a truly Herculean feat.

So yes, The Stand was my favorite book for a good long while. But then I discovered JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

And everything changed.

Now, Harry Potter fans will no doubt ask why not The Goblet of Fire or The Deathly Hallows. Those are both excellent books, but here’s why I chose Sorcerer’s Stone.

First, it’s how I discovered it. By the time I got around to reading it, I believe Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was already on the shelves. Pottermania was already in full swing, but I had no interest. Zero. None. I thought it was nothing more than a very popular children’s book.

Then one day I was in Boston at the Prudential Center, intending to meet an old friend for lunch. She was delayed, so I wandered into Barnes & Noble and saw Sorcerer’s Stone sitting on the shelf. There was nothing else that really interested me, and it was cheap, so I thought: What the hell. I’ll buy it.

As I waited for my delayed friend, I started reading it, and immediately fell in love with the simple, straightforward prose. I had never been drawn into a story so quickly, so easily, so deeply before. I understood in a flash why this book was so popular. As it turned out, my friend was delayed indefinitely and couldn’t make lunch, but I couldn’t have been happier. I had much better things to do.

So yes, I have a very fond memory of the discovery process. But that doesn’t explain why Sorcerer’s Stone was never supplanted by other Potter books, which are arguably better written. It’s because Sorcerer’s Stone was the beginning of the journey. It was the very first peek into that glorious wizarding world, and like your first kiss or your first love, nothing will ever be quite that level of sweet.

I hope that someday I find another book that makes me feel the same way I did when I first read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. But if that never happens, I can always crouch down into that cupboard under the stairs at Number 4, Privet Drive and relive it all over again.

About Stephen Lomer Stephen Lomer

Stephen Lomer has been writing books, novellas, short stories, and scripts for nearly a decade, and one or two of them are actually pretty good. A grammar nerd, Star Trek fan, and other things that chicks dig, Stephen is the creator, owner, and a regular contributor to the website Television Woodshed. He’s a hardcore fan of the Houston Texans, despite living in the Hub of the Universe his whole life, and believes Mark Twain was correct about pretty much everything.

Stephen lives on Boston’s North Shore with his wife, Teresa. Stargazer Lilies or Nothing at All is his first published work.

Stargazer Lilies or Nothing at All is a collection of short stories that has a little something for everyone. See what life is like for the poor mother of an insufferable perfectionist in the title story. Find out what’s to be done to save the hipsters in “So Ten Minutes Ago.” Enjoy an updated take on the Goldilocks story in “Trouble Bruin.” Ponder how our choices define our lives in “The Haunting of Flattop Harris.” Stand in the shoes of a young nurse trying to save the tiniest of lives from a city’s destruction in “Wallflower and Casanova.” PLUS! “Royally Screwed,” the story that serves as a prequel to the upcoming novel Typo Squad. >>AVAILABLE through KINDLE UNLIMITED<<<

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Closing 2012 with THE Opinionated Woman awards

Opinionated Woman Awards for 2012

As year 2012 comes to an end, I decided that as part of my reflection over the past year I will give awards based on categories that I chose. There are two main categories: Literary and Foodie awards. I know these awards have little significance, but since this is my blog I make the rules.


Literary Awards

Favorite author of the year Brenda Jackson

Her books have consistency and predictability in a good way. I have liked all of her books so far. The characters were alike in many ways but different enough so it was not the retelling of the same story over and over.

Favorite book of the yearThe billionaire wins the game by Melody Anne

This book is super sweet. I love the story of Amy and Lucas. They are wonderful characters and their story is heartwarming. This book has become my go to novel when I went to read something pleasant and comforting.

Favorite thriller of the yearAll for one by Ryne Douglas Pearson

I had so many emotions reading this book. A bully is murdered and his victims are the suspects. Even though I wanted justice to be served, I was sympathetic to his victims and part of me did not want them to be found guilty even if they were. The author did a wonderful job of weaving an engaging story.

Hottest romance of the yearThe Proposal by Brenda Jackson

It is no surprise that Jackson is bringing the heat. Jason and Bella have a super steamy romance and a wonderful story to go along with it.

Creepiest book of the yearAuld Lang Sigh by Jennifer Connor

In this story Ella and Lee hook up after she misses her bus going home. He owns a copy shop in the building where she lives. To me, he comes off like a stalker because he is super observant regarding the details of Ella’s life. He is a stranger but knows a lot about her lifestyle since he has been watching her. As he recounted many of his observations, warning bells should have been ringing in Ella’s head. Instead she sleeps with him! This is very risky behavior to me even if this is a nonsensical romance novel.

Foodie Awards

Favorite restaurant of the yearChicago Grill

What can I say? I love the chicken Philly. The bread is wonderful, there is plenty of seasoning on the meat, and the peppers and cheese are scrumptious.

Favorite food truck of the yearAsada

Everything that I have tried from Asada has been delicious. I am following them on Facebook so that I know where they will be serving lunch when I have an opportunity to be in Greenville. And as I followed them around town, I hope that they will decide to serve empanadas that day since that is my favorite dish from their food truck.


So even though it does not mean much, I congratulate all of the 2012 award winners. I look forward to trying even more things, reading more books, and sharing more opinions in 2013.