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Work on your Fitness with Aerial Acrobatics #aerialacrobatics #tryitTuesday


This month for Try It Tuesday, I want to focus on an activity that I did a couple of weeks ago: aerial acrobatics.

I am not the most graceful person. I trip over my own feet. However, when my friend suggested trying aerial acrobatics/yoga, I thought it could not hurt to try.

I loved it!

This exercise is so relaxing because you are hanging in the air while experiencing a light swinging motion. It reminds me of how I felt as a child playing on the swing set. If you are prone to motion sickness, this might not be good for you. 

It did not feel like exercise at all. As a bonus, the exercise poses worked my core muscles. While hanging upside down, I was able to do more crunches than usual.

I was feeling fit.

By the time the class was over, my back felt more in line, my spine straighter, and my muscles limber.

Word of caution though: The next day, I could feel that I worked all those muscles I forgot I had 😂. I was SORE! But it was a good sore.

TOW opinion: Google “aerial acrobatics near you” and put this on your list of activities to try. If you have back problems, this could help, but ask your doctor first.