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Cultivate your writing – Gather seeds for planting later.

Cultivating your writing is as easy as gathering seeds

10 Day Book Club

ImageBy Amaryllis Holloway -Turman


 The other day I was eating an orange. Normally, I would not have thought that would initiate any spark of inspiration. It seemed that this orange had a copious amount of seeds in each segment. I began to wonder how many trees I would have, if I took the time to plant these seeds. I could have the makings of an orchard. The thought was fleeting though, and I threw away the seeds and my future orchard. It is amazing that something so small would have so much potential.


Since my mind likes to wander, I then began to think of all small seed-like ideas, words, and phrases that I have every day. Just like the small orange seeds, they have great deal of potential.


If you are like me, after having a thought like that, you probably have said to yourself, “That…

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