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Resort mixup leads to romance

His Island Bride (The Bride Series)
– Shadonna Richards

Jessica and James had the same idea: Go to Jamaica for a relaxing vacation. They did not plan on going together. Through a mix-up at the resort, they were put in the same room. Since the resort and all other neighboring resort were booked, Jessica and James were left with no choice but to share the room.

Jessica, who at home has been unlucky in lover, is pondering her mother’s suggestion to agree to an arranged marriage. James has been too busy with business to contemplate having a relationship. Since they have been thrown together and there is a strong mutual attraction, they decide to enjoy each other in Jamaica.

This was a sweet novella romance. The love scene was written well and not too graphic. I was happy about the way the story it ended.

This is worth buying if you want a short story. Some might say that you have to suspend belief in reality but I belief have to do that for most romance novels/novellas. Who really reads books like these for their realism? That is not to say that I like a corny, contrive story. I thought this story was original enough not to be mawkishly sentimental.