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When a Scot ties the knot #tessadare #romance

When a Scot ties the knot by Tessa Dare

I picked this book because I knew it would be throughly entertaining. I have read several books by Tessa Dare and her heroines are a breath of fresh air. Maddie was no different.

The plot alone had me chuckling. From the moment Maddie saw Logan and he was seemingly going along with her farce of a courtship, I knew this was good stuff.

Maddie was a socially awkward person and trying to figure out how to extricate herself from this web of lies she created. When she thinks she has fortified her heart against falling for Logan, he does things that are unexpected and absolutely swoon worthy. I know how she felt.

Gotta to love a guy that reads ❤️

Logan had a rough life and through Mattie’s letters he was able to cope with the horrors of war. He thinks he is heartless and undeserving of anything good in life. I like that his emotional vulnerability was addressed and Maddie could fully understand him.

Though their relationship started as a lie, the reality ended up being much better than either could have anticipated.

TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
BUY. You will laugh at their banter and the secondary characters enhance the story greatly.

Book details
Series: Castles Ever After
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥
Print Length: 390 pages


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Secrets? Yes. Seductive? Not sure about that

Seductive Secrets (Secret Lives Series) by Colleen Connally

Scale of 1 – 5: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

In this romance story, Alyce is trying to find evidence to prove that her father was murdered instead of committing suicide after killing a fellow officer. If (and it is a big IF) she is able to exonerate him from this, it will also prove that her father was not guilty of espionage and treason. Julian is the grandson of Alyce’s guardian. Julian’s brother is also the man that Alyce’s father allegedly killed.

Of course, Alyce’s investigation put her life in danger. With the physical connection that she shares with Julian, he does not want her put her life at risk. He wants her to trust him while he carries out the investigation. I love stories with strong willed women and the men that try to rein them in.

While Julian is trying to keep her from the investigation, her good friend Charles is trying to help her on her fact-finding mission. When there was an introduction of what seemed to be to leading man, I thought this was going to be a love triangle. I hate to love triangles! Fortunately for me, this story has only two people in love: Alyce and Julian.

The story was so complicated, but in a good way. There were so many different people involved red herrings as it were. When the true villain is exposed, it was totally unexpected.

I like it when I’m not able to determine who did what and why. This means to me that the author has woven a complex story that keeps me engaged to the very end. Bravo. I admit that three quarters of the way through, I had to reread parts of the book to keep the story straight. Like I said, there were so many different people that I was getting confused about who was who and what role they played.

Half of the way through the book Julian and Alyce profess their love for each other. That, too, was unexpected. When I read the proclamations of love, I check how far along I am in the story. I know that will give me an indication of how soon the whole book and all of its questions would wrap up. Declaration of love halfway through the story? That does not bode well for the additional trials that the couple has to face before they get a happy ending.

In summary, this book is worth reading because it kept me hooked to the very end. I had the happy ever after ending that satisfied me as well. Additionally, there are some interesting subplots that also add to the story.

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Speed dating works sometimes

Speed Dating (Harlequin NASCAR) – Nancy Warren

Main characters Dylan Hargreave and Kendall meet under crazy circumstances. Dylan is a NASCAR driver with an ex-wife who thinks they are destined to be together. So when Dylan goes to her wedding, he knows that he had to bring a date and appear to be in love to prove to Ashlee the ex that he has moved on relationship wise.

Kendall is an actuary (sidenote: before reading this book I had no idea what an actuary was) having a pretty good life until her fiancé tells her that he cheated on her with a co-worker, the woman is pregnant, and they are breaking up. To make it worse, he tells her this on the night when she is supposed to be getting a prestigious Actuary of the Year award. Her life went from good to bad to worse in a matter of minutes. Since analyzing risk and weighing options is something that Kendall does for a living, she kind of flips out and decides not to play it safe. Making conservative choices seems to have brought misery to her life. It was during this mini breakdown that she met Dylan and decided to be his date to his ex-wife’s wedding. Throwing caution to the wind means her life will never be the same.

I can empathize with Kendall. I am not an extreme risk taker. That being said, I don’t know how I would react if everything that I thought to be true came crashing down around me in one swoop. I probably would have went cray cray too. The chemistry between Dylan and Kendall created a believable story. There are many different layers to the playboy Dylan that he keeps hidden from the public in order to market his image. And the more that Dylan and Kendall learn about each other, it brings them closer together.

I guess he can thank his crazy ex-wife for helping him find his true love.

Overall: Nice story!

Rating Scale of 1 – 5: ♥ ♥♥

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I hate pranksters

Naughty by Nature (The NAUGHTY AND NICE Series)

Scale of 1 – 5: ♥

In the book Naughty by Nature (The NAUGHTY AND NICE Series) Tessa is a prankster. Wolf is a billionaire and her unwitting victim. But some how they get together, fall in love, and have a happy ever after story.

I don’t like pranksters. Especially when they are screwing with people’s minds and think it’s funny.

To make matters worse, those stunts Tessa pulled were to get attention when people were ignoring her.

How immature is that?

She was very self-absorbed at times. It seemed incongruous with the way she treated Wolf’s ailing mother and the fact that she was a teacher. Not saying that self-absorbed people cannot be teachers, but the good teachers are usually more mature in their actions.

Although she had some redeeming characteristics, the pranking annoyed me to no end. I don’t even know why I read/talked this book.

Oh yeah. I read a couple books by the same author, and thought it cannot be too bad.

I was wrong. Tessa was ridiculously annoying. Wolf should have dropped prank girl for someone who was less attention hungry.

Maybe I am too hard on this book. Or maybe you love this author. Or you like pranksters. In any of those cases, you can buy this book on Amazon by clicking Naughty by Nature (The NAUGHTY AND NICE Series)

Let me know what you think…

The 7 things that made me Genuinely and Irreversibly Happy: And how they can do the same for you! by Rohan Healy

I recently read The 7 Things That Made Me Genuinely & Irreversibly Happy: And How They Can Do The Same For You by Rohan Healy. The title seems to make an audacious claim. After reading it, I feel Rohan make good to his claim.

The happiness that Rohan was searching for was not a feeling of extreme giddiness, but contentment in every area of his life. Learning about his struggle as he explains in the beginning of the book helped me to understand the reason for his quest to find happiness. Although I cannot say we have had similar experiences, I can empathize because so much of his story is relatable.

It is my opinion that there are two types of people who need to read this book:

(1)  Unhappy People

(2)  Happy People

What can unhappy people gain from reading this book?

The 7 things are explained, tried, and provided good results. Rohan uses a very logical matter-of-fact approach to expound how each of the 7 things has helped him.  If you are unhappy and want to change that, it is definitely worth investigating Rohan’s path to happiness. In addition to the research and reasoning that he provides, Rohan has included exercises (so have your pen and paper ready). He encourages you as the reader on a journey of truthful self-examination. This is extremely necessary. Asking questions which open your mind will facilitate the process of understanding the root causes of your unhappiness. Once you know the root cause, you can work to eliminate that negative element or reduce its overall effect. Why live with frustration, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness

How can a happy person benefit?

When I first picked up this book, I admit the title intrigued me. I was curious to know if I am doing some of the same 7 things that made him happy. What brings contentment to a person’s life often depends on their upbringing, morals, and experiences. But there are many things that are innately human. No matter who we are, where we live, or educational or socio-economical level we have, we yearn for the same basic needs. How we go about fulfilling those needs will determine our level of contentment and happiness. In line with this thinking, the 7 things explained by Rohan enabled me, as a self-proclaimed happy person; put to the test what I thought I already knew. Using his exercises, I performed a candid assessment of myself. Rohan’s thought process reinforced to me to keep what I was doing. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that I was on the right track.

I am sure once you read this book; you will no doubt have a favorite of the 7 things. As for me, my favorite was #2. In fact I liked it so much that I bought Rohan’s other book Greeks To Geeks: Practical Stoicism in the 21st Century .

Rating Scale of 1 – 5: ♥ ♥♥♥♥

***In the spirit of full disclosure, I received an advance copy of this book to read in order to review. But that in NO way affected my opinion of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I hope you do too!

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