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P is for Private #atozchallenge #ABCofRomance @AprilA2Z


Private Passions (Private Series Book 4) ♥♥♥


Former Green Beret Daniel (Deck) has been the bodyguard for A-list actress Jane for the last five years. After she receives some particularly bad news regarding her ex-husband, Deck’s effort to console her end with them both in bed.

I’ll be damned if I’m going to dry hump you on the couch” – Deck

Before they have a chance to talk about what just happened, they are discovered and derogatory things are said.

Can an actress and her bodyguard have a love life together
are they doomed from the start?


This book could have been over in two chapters if this had been me. After the first love scene, I would have been like, “Deck, you and me belong together. I have been crushing on you for years. Let’s do this!”

Jane had similar thoughts, but she did not verbalize them.

Like everything else with Deck, the reality was infinitely better” – Jane

Instead of going with what would have been a good idea, she decided to listen to people who fill her head with nonsense like she is supposed to be better than a relationship with Deck.

While Deck is a strong, alpha male, he still had feelings. He does not take to kindly to Jane playing with his emotions and trying to keep their relationship in the closet.

Should you buy? While it was the typical bodyguard romance, it was still interesting enough to keep me entertained. I got a little annoyed with Jane, but at least she came to her senses early enough. Plus it is inexpensive.

Book Details from Goodreads
Published October 24th 2012
series Private #4

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