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A kiss for Midwinter

A Kiss for Midwinter  ♥ ♥ ♥


When the book begins, Lydia is 15, unmarried, pregnant, and at the doctor’s office with her parents. Jonas is the doctor’s intern, there only to observe. Years later when he takes over the practice, he sees Lydia again. She remembers how they know each other and assumes he thinks the worst of her. Instead of choosing one of the women that obviously fancies him, Jonas is trying to figure out how to breakthrough Lydia’s wall of distrust.


Courtney Milan creates very complex characters her books. Her women are strong but usually damaged in some way. That is the case with Lydia. She was an innocent who suffered because she trusted someone who took advantage of her naivety. She had a great deal of self-recrimination that she had to come to terms with before she would be able to trust again.

Jonas was my type of guy. As a doctor, he was interested in honest, open communication, even when that meant explaining bodily functions and responses. Speaking frankly about intimate matters without attaching any stigma was important in helping Lydia to believe that he was sincere in his affections. If there had been more doctors like him during that time, I think there would have been less sickness and unwanted pregnancies.

Overall, I liked A Kiss for Midwinter because of its interesting characters. The story emphasizes an important lesson in love: forgive yourself first for past indiscretions before trying to love another. Sometimes it is nice to read a romance novella with such a positive message.