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Lucky for Her ♥♥♥


Lucky was the fat kid in high school that was mercilessly bullied by Lana’s boyfriend (who went on to be her husband). He had a crush on Lana and asked her to the prom, but she turned him down. Lana was a typical immature, shallow high school girl who got caught up in appearances. She did not stand up for what was right because of fear of reprisal from the “cool kids”.

Years later, the tables have turned. Lucky is now slim, trim, and the town’s sheriff. Lana is pregnant and hiding from her abusive, alcoholic husband. Because of her current predicament, she decides to marry Lucky for the protection he can provide her and her child.

But can they fall in love with each other when they have such an unpleasant history?


There are aspects to this story that cause me to be conflicted. On the surface, I think this is a sweet story. But the more I thought about it, the two major things that bothered me:

(1)  Lucky was still very bitter from the way he was treated in high school. It seems that he had a lot to prove by marrying Lara. I was not totally convinced that he was loved her for woman she was OR was his supposed attraction a high-school-crush-turned-into-obsession of what he could not have when he was overweight.

(2)  I have a problem with a woman who was in an abusive relationship jumping into another long term relationship. She has not given herself time to heal and it is likely that what she thinks is love is actual gratitude. Either way, it is not a strong enough basis to start a marriage.

I do not mind a story where the main characters knew each other in high school but never hooked up. This case is different in that Lara did not show any attraction for Lucky in high school. She pitied him but not enough to stand up for him when he was being bullied.

Should you buy? I am on the fence about this one. The story is okay. There were moments that I cringed. Like I said, Lucky was very bitter. On the other hand, this book could be used as a cautionary tale why girls should not get married right out of high school.
Book details by Goodreads
Kindle Edition, 205 pages
Published June 21st 2011 by Astraea Press
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