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Dakota Home was sweet but confusing

Dakota Home – Debbie Macomber

The main story centers around Maddy and Jeb. Years before they met, Jeb, a buffalo farmer, suffered an accident from which his body is not completely healed. Because of that, he is anti-social. His sister usually takes him his groceries but at times “forgets” items to get him out of the house and into town. On one of these trips into town he meets Maddy, new owner of the grocery store. Maddy is adapting to small town and becoming an active member of the community.
Maddy and Jeb are attracted to each other, but of course as goes in many romance novels, the man’s pride keeps him to fully embracing and accepting the fact that he is falling for this woman. But then something happens that snaps him out of his feelings of melancholy. So leaving his pride behind, he goes after the woman he loves. And it is happy ever after for both of them.

This was the first book by Debbie Macomber that I have read. I do not know if this is her style to have the novel focus on two characters but also dwell on the stories of some of the secondary characters at the same time. I do not know how I feel about so many mini stories in addition to the one main love story in one book. It seems that the mini stories were distracting because they were not fully developed. Even though all the people lived in the same town, jumping from couple to couple was like trying to watch multiple shows on television at the same time.

I like for the book to focus completely on one couple and their journey to find love. Other couples can be mentioned in the book, but only in passing without too much of their story. Then when the sequel focuses on another couple, I will have some name recognition and background information as the foundation for their story. The multiple story method got a little confusing. I was tried to keep the different couples separate but it was no use. I focused on Maddy and Jeb and disregarded the rest.

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