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Mail order millionaire – Carol Grace

Mail-Order Millionaire

In the story, Max and Miranda meet because he calls a compliant for a package he ordered. There is instant attraction, but their romance had a hard time because of lack of communication. Plus Miranda has this need to be completely independent and she is not having much success. She moved from New York because of bad experiences, but I don’t think she gives herself enough credit for all that she has done. I think that she set her expectation level to high. Max has his own hang ups as well. For starters, his choice of job is not conducive to having a relationship. He knows this and blames his first marriage failure on that fact.

Technically, he does not have to work since he inherited money but he likes what he does. But now that he has met Miranda, he is rethinking his whole situation, knowing things will have to change if he is ever able to offer her anything.

This is not the best story I ever read, but it is not the worst either. In my opinion Miranda did not communicate her feelings enough. That is possiblely the only character flaw I saw. However, I can understand Miranda’s hesitation to engage in any physical relationship and fall in love Max since all she will be left with are memories after he is gone. Max has to make some decisions if he wants a relationship.

Overall, if you are looking for something to read, Mail-Order Millionaire is a nice book. It is entertaining, but the characters are probably not so memorable that you become emotionally involved with them.