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Love China Glaze polish!

China glaze nail polish


I am not usually one that usually reviews cosmetics, but I had such a good experience with this brand that I had to say something.

I recently bought some China glaze nail polish because I liked the color and it was on sale. This was my first time using this brand and I must say I really liked. The consistency of the nail polish was thick enough that it went on my nails smoothly, but thin enough that it was easy to apply.

It was fast drying so I didn’t have to wait to paint two coats. I painted two coats of polish mainly out of habit because my nails were shiny enough with only one coat.

Unlike some nail polishes that have a strong smell, this one did not smell too bad so I am assuming that it has a gentle formula of chemicals. Also, hubby did not complain about the smell when I was painting my nails. That is a plus!

The applicator brush was wide enough so that I was able to apply sufficient coverage to my nails while I was painting them.

Usually for me most now polishes chip after one day. This brand is probably the longest lasting that I have tried in a long time since it lasted three days.

I usually go without wearing nail polish, but I like to paint my nails every so often. I would buy more colors from China glaze brand because it is a very good product. And I would recommend this to my friends.

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