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Beauty – Modern Wicked Fairy Tale #romance

Beauty (Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Book 3)



Jolee’s husband Carlos has ordered her to be killed. Because of an accident, she survives and has to stay at Silas’ house while she recuperates.

Silas is Carlos’ brother. He knows that Carlos killed his wife and he is determined to avenge her death.

Jolee and Silas get to know each other at his cabin while they try to figure out what to do next.


This story was darker than I anticipated. I usually like Beauty and Beast trope romances, but this one was somewhat depressing to me. It was not wicked in the sense that I was expecting either. Granted they sleep with each other before Jolee is divorced, but considering the fact that her husband tried to kill her. I did not deduct hearts for that.

There was not anything extraordinary about their romance. Silas was a “beast” because he had scarring on his face. Jolee falls in love with him despite his obvious disfigurement.

Carlos was a larger than life, evil rich antagonist that seemed to get away with killing people at his whim. For most of the book, I wondered how would Jolee and Silas be able to have their happy ending.

Should you buy? I honestly do not know what to tell you. I am sure that there are people who would love this story. I am conflicted about how I feel about this book because I was expecting a different book all together. Also, the story was too short. By the time that I finally got my head around the fact that this is different, the story was over.

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Beauty Blogfest 2013- What is REAL BEAUTY

What is real beauty? Who determines what defines beauty? Mainstream media would have you believe that beauty is about looking younger by removing these all effects of aging and doing whatever it takes to have a slim figure.

Everyone should want smooth, wrinkle free skin. Buy these products to help

Everyone should want skinny body.  Take these supplements to help

My estimation of what is true beauty goes against all of what mainstream media would have you believe it to be.

My Nana is 90 years old and the most beautiful woman I know.

mi abuela

She embraces her age, boasting at every opportunity, “Do you know how old I am my dear?” Yes, she uses skincare products like, Noxzema The Original Deep Cleansing Cream, 12 Ounce, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E — 13.5 fl oz, NOW Foods Jojoba Oil Pure, 4 ounce. These are not to hide her age or smooth the wrinkles, but care for her skin in the best way as she gets older.

She is not, and never was, a size 2. Nor does she want to be.

As long as she is healthy, she is happy.

She has a zeal for life that is shared with all that know her.

Her hands might be moisturized with and nails painted with

but what is important is her generosity and willingness to extend assistance to those list for it.

Her lips might be tinted with lipstick

but what is important are the kind words that come from her mouth

to encourage anyone feeling defeated.

Her feet might be shod in

(let’s face it, these are not that pretty but they are comfortable )

but what is important is that she is always ready to go wherever

if it is within her power to visit whenever the need may be.

Over the years she may have lost some of her vigor,

but her heart is pure like solid gold, her spirit is indefatigable,

and her sense of style and beauty is timeless.


Participating in the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest, 2013

Love China Glaze polish!

China glaze nail polish


I am not usually one that usually reviews cosmetics, but I had such a good experience with this brand that I had to say something.

I recently bought some China glaze nail polish because I liked the color and it was on sale. This was my first time using this brand and I must say I really liked. The consistency of the nail polish was thick enough that it went on my nails smoothly, but thin enough that it was easy to apply.

It was fast drying so I didn’t have to wait to paint two coats. I painted two coats of polish mainly out of habit because my nails were shiny enough with only one coat.

Unlike some nail polishes that have a strong smell, this one did not smell too bad so I am assuming that it has a gentle formula of chemicals. Also, hubby did not complain about the smell when I was painting my nails. That is a plus!

The applicator brush was wide enough so that I was able to apply sufficient coverage to my nails while I was painting them.

Usually for me most now polishes chip after one day. This brand is probably the longest lasting that I have tried in a long time since it lasted three days.

I usually go without wearing nail polish, but I like to paint my nails every so often. I would buy more colors from China glaze brand because it is a very good product. And I would recommend this to my friends.

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How would beauty change you?

Beauty (The Beauty Series)

Scale of 1 – 5: ♥ ♥ ♥

Has ever been something that you wanted and you thought if you had it all your troubles would be over? What would you do if someone offered it to you? How deep is your desire?

Eve thought that if she lost weight, she would be pretty. And if she was pretty, all her troubles would be over. She would have friends that she wanted, the boy that she wanted, the life that she deserves.

Through a twist of fate, she has the body she always wanted. She is skinny.

But nothing ever comes without a price.

What is her price? As long as she stays the person she is, keeps her personality the same, she is able to stay skinny. It would seem to be a simple thing: stay a good person and stay slim.

And then we find out what low she is willing to go just to grasp the life of person she thinks that she wants to be. And as her problems snowball, her body begins to gain weight. As Eve spirals out of control, she has to make definite decisions about what should be important in her life.

  • What leads to true happiness?
  • What good is a friend if he or she is fake?
  • What good is a friend if they do not have your best interests in mind?

Beauty (The Beauty Series) was the worst case scenario for someone who has a chance at something they desired their whole life. It seems that every possible bad decision, Eve made it. All the while she was trying to justify why it was okay. She believed that she could beat the system as if her actions had no consequences.

Beauty (The Beauty Series) was interesting in a very dark way. It could almost be seen as a cautionary tale. In Eve’s case, her desire was weight-loss, but I think that “weight loss” could be a metaphor for any item that you desire with your whole being and you’re willing to sacrifice your life for that.

Some things we feel are worth the sacrifice, but we end up losing more of ourselves in the pursuit of that goal. So, was it worth it?

***warning: this book contains drug abuse, rape, and other disturbing acts

Greek mythology love story new millenium style

Aphrodite’s Kiss (Protectors (Superhero Series))

This book is a modern-day version of Greek mythology meets the X-Men. There are people with special powers and mortals. A person who is considered a halfling is a person with a parent with superpowers and the other mortal. Once they reach the age of 25 they have a decision to make. They have to decide whether they want to embrace their powers or to become fully mortal.

So in the story, Zoe is almost at her 25th birthday and she’s trying to make a decision whether she wants to become mortal and reject her powers or whether she wants to embrace her powers. In order to embrace her powers she has to tell her mother about them. Which is made a little bit more difficult because her mother rejected her father when she found out about his powers years ago.

So while she has this inner struggle going on, she meets Taylor. She’s always stayed away from guys but for some reason Taylor and her have an instant attraction. Her mortal friend Deena tells her that she should pursue the relationship with Taylor even if it is just a fling.

One of her powers is hypersensitivity.  She can barely eat food because of all of the sensations that she has in her mouth from eating them. So she’s trying to figure out how is she going to deal with a physical relationship with a guy having this hypersensitivity. Deena tells her that she should see this as an opportunity to enjoy her life, while her brother (who is very overprotective) tries to tell her not to pursue it at all. Zoe ends up pursuing the relationship. Yay.

The characters were very sweet. Taylor was hilarious and Zoe was conflicted but she had good reason. Taylor is looking for a girl that is without drama without excitement. At first Zoe seems that way. He falls hard and then he finds out the truth. But just like Zoe, having to embrace her powers, he embraces his love for her. I won’t give away too much of the story but it has a lot of different twists. It’s very interesting how Zoe comes into her own to embrace her powers. I like the dynamic between her mom and her and her mortal friends.

It makes for a very interesting story. Zoe was the type of person who seem to stand out, never really fitting in with the group. So it is good that she is able to find friends that support her and care for her. Since I have expounded numerous times how much I like happy endings and I like Aphrodite’s Kiss (Protectors (Superhero Series)) , it had a happy ending.