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What candy you give at a tradeshow says about you

I am self proclaimed candy connoisseur.

After years of going to trade shows and doing extensive research, I am reporting my findings in the different types of companies that have vendor tables.

The candy at your table says a lot about your business.

Let me explain…

A bowl of m&m or trail mix with a scoop:

We are trying to be economical and we don’t care about germs.

Peppermints :

We know you want candy and we want your breath to be minty fresh in hopes you decide to talk to us

Wrapped Fun size candy:

We are a top tier company and we want you to party with us

Wrapped Snack size candy:

We know what you want but didn’t want to splurge for the fun size but hopefully you‘ll check us out anyway

Jolly ranchers :

There wasn’t any other candy available and we apologize in advance that your candy bag will be a sticky mess by the end if the day