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Perfect fit romance

Perfect Fit ♥♥♥


Gabe was burned by a woman he thought he loved when she left him for her ex-boyfriend. Sage was burned by her father and fiancé on the same day. It was a double whammy. Hence the reason Gabe and Sage are perfect for each: they are both emotionally damaged goods

While Sage has condemned all men as being untrustworthy, Gabe is searching of a woman with no issues. Both are reluctant to begin a relationship. Of course, their attraction to each other is greater than their willpower.


This story was longer than most of the Brenda Jackson books that I have already read. I think it was the most different as well. Most notably, there were not that many steamy love scenes in this book. The focus was mainly on the external forces that created the emotional trust issues for each character.

It especially dealt with Sage’s lack of confidence that a man could be trustworthy. If she was going to fall in love, she was going to have to resolve a lot of issues. In her defense, if my fiancé betrayed my trust like hers did, I would feel like I had been kicked in the stomach. And while reeling from that, her father’s actions were equally debauched. I would be sick, disgusted, and done with men in general.

It seemed that Perfect Fit was the most realistic love story from Brenda Jackson in the sense that the fairy tale element was missing. Two very imperfect characters, with so many trust issues, did not want believe that the other person was sincere. But when they finally opened their hearts to each other, they could be happy ever after.

Over all, Perfect Fit was not the hottest romance, but most true to life.

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