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Solid Soul

Solid Soul (Kimani Romance) ♥♥♥♥

Chase is a widower whose entire focus has been about raising his son. Kylie was a teen mom and she is doing everything to prevent her daughter from making the same mistake. When Chase comes into her story and says that his son Marcus and her daughter Tiffany are planning to run off together, they know that they have to proceed with caution. Teenagers who think that they are in love can make some foolish decisions.

While agreeing to work together to support their children and hopefully convince them not to making rash life-changing decisions, Chase and Kylie get to spend some one-on-one time together. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Marcus say some pretty outrageous stuff that almost sends them both into apoplectic fits. Kylie wants to acknowledge the attraction with Chance, but fails to see how she can have a relationship with him and be a good example for her daughter.

This was one of the sweeter novels by Brenda Jackson because it was so real to life in many ways. The main characters have to think about how their actions will affect their children. Their romance is more complex since it is not just a matter of giving into the attraction. They have two hormonal teenagers that could use their lack of self-control as an excuse to throw caution to the wind. Chase and Kylie have to be concerned with the message they are teaching their children about personal relationships.

Overall, Solid Soul (Kimani Romance) had moments that were heart-rending and funny. There was a good cast of main and supporting characters with a likeable plot. I could imagine their difficulty; struggling to be a single parent and wanting to juggle an adult relationship.

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