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Special K Vanilla Crisp Bars – you need to try it!

In the past, I was not one to eat health food, low cal bars. But in the past, there was not much of a selection available. There were granola bars and protein bars. I do not mind eating granola bars, but a lot of them taste like cardboard to me.

That is why Special K Bars, Vanilla Crisp, 6 – .8 oz Bars , (Pack of 12) are my favorite snack food right now. They fill the need for something sweet without being too many calories. Most importantly, they are super delicious.

Special K has done a good job of creating snack flavors that are not a chore to eat. It can be discouraging when you are trying to watch your calorie intake, but all the “diet foods” are tasteless and bland. When you are discouraged, you can lose your resolve to continue.

I put one in my exercise bag to have when I am working up a sweat exercising. It boosts my energy levels and allows me to keep on moving.

On occasion, I also eat one as my dessert after dinner. I do not feel as though I am denying myself, but I am still making good dietary decisions that keep my calorie intake at a manageable level.