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Way out of line was so intense

I read Way out of line by Trish Jackson and it was so intense to me that I was motivated to write a couple of reviews about it. Since I write reviews on different websites, I try to vary the wording in case there is some issue. Below is the review I wrote for Goodreads website.

Way Out of Line by Trish Jackson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Trish Jackson weaved a wonderful plot that was refreshingly different from other romance novels that I have read. Trent and Hal have a deep connection while it seems that every possible external force is working to keep them apart.
The dialogue is well written and the characters are presented in such a way that the reader is drawn into the story immediately. One seemingly innocent little lie snowballs into a series of tragic events and Trent and Hal have to deal with the consequences. I loved the story and the twists and turns the main characters have to take on their journey.
This is a must read for anyone who likes action packed stories.
I would not be surprised if this is turned into a movie one day (that is how great this story is).

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