Maggianos creme brulee

One evening when I did not know what I wanted to eat, I decided to go to Maggianos and see what they had on the dessert menu. I was prepared to spend about $10 for dessert and coffee because I wanted something that much. To my surprise, Maggianos now has these mini dessert options that were less than $5. They were like dessert bites. That is good for me because I really only wanted a small portion. I cannot eat all of the regular size.

Today I went with the creme brulee. It is not often that restaurants really do this dessert well. Most times, the custard is cooked at too high heat and the result is not creamy goodness but more like cooked vanilla eggs. In this case, Maggianos did everything right. The burnt sugar on top was thick enough so that it took a swift tap of the spoon edge in order to crack. Then the spoon scoops the creamy custard. When I put it in my mouth, it tasted like candy velvet.

Maggianos Creme Brulee = AWESOMENESS


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