Scotch paper cutter review

I have scissors, but I bought into the hype when I saw the Scotch paper cutter on the scrap-booking aisle in Wal-mart. This would be great for all kinds of projects. The instructions said that all I have to do is insert the paper at the point that I wanted to cut and it slides through, cutting the paper.
I thought that this paper cutter would be very useful for cutting coupons. It was not as easy as anticipated. I soon found out that their ingenious design does not ensure straight cut. It can be awkward to try to cut the paper while trying to hold the edges steady. If you do not do that, you will not have a straight cut. My first few attempts at freehand cutting resulted in coupons missing their expiration dates. After I began my cut, I had to hold both edges of the paper steady. Then the cuts were straight and clean.
However, when I used the cutter to trim up some invitations, the cutter was quick and easy to use. I did not have to hold the paper steady. It says on the package that it is not for intricate cutting or heavy weight applications. I agree. It is best to only use this cutter for cutting that does not need to be precise. It is very easy to make a mistake and cut off what you did not want to cut. And when I tried to cut heavy cardstock paper and it did not work too well either. The cutter would catch on the paper and cut a jagged edge.
The best type of paper to cut with this cutter is a light cardstock. Something that is stiff enough that you do not have to hold it, but not too stiff that it jams the cutter, will have straight clean cuts using the Scotch paper cutter. If your paper is lightweight, like coupons or regular paper, you need to hold the paper to ensure a straight cut. If your paper is light like tissue paper, do not use the paper cutter. It will tear the paper to shreds.
If you do not have this tool when you are cutting paper for
scrapbooking, you will not miss it. But if you find in the store and it is on sale, you might as well buy it.

Pro: helps ensure a straight cut
Con: Only for straight cuts. You still need scissors for detailed cutting
Bottom line: nice to have but not worth a special purchase.


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