King Of Pops

Gourmet ice pops in Downtown Atlanta
It is worth the search to find the King of Pops stand. Here you can find handmade popsicles in flavors you would not even imagine. My last visit, I tried the blackberry ginger lemonade. I was concerned that I would stain my shirt in the Atlanta heat if a drop of my popsicle dripped. There was not a chance of that happening. I ate the popsicle so fast, not because I was worried about the drips, but because it was so good. The fruitiness of the blackberries added depth of flavor and sweetness to balance the tartness of the lemonade. Then the light ginger flavor provided a refreshing palate cleanser to allow my taste buds to enjoy the other flavors.
This was a gourmet ice popsicle, tastefully delicious to the last drop, and worth every cent.


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