Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

Labeled by Netflix as a Romantic Independent Comedy – 2 out of 3 wrong = not romantic and not a comedy

The premise is that a professor working on her doctorate is interviewing men with different personalities as part of her research. The movie seems to go nowhere. Men talk about their fantasies, women, sex, etc. While she is performing the interviews, she is also dealing with the demise of her own relationship (her ex cheated on her) and that does not contribute to her being Miss Sociable. The movie is very quiet with little background noise when the actors are talking or thinking. So there are seemingly long moments of silence throughout the film.

And then there was a weird part where a guy is explaining his research paper about the bright side of a brutal gang rape. Although they tried to incorporate it into the plot, it was so random that it seemed to be incongruous.

If you like weird, independent movies that think they are funny by their directors, then this movie is for you. Maybe you will understand the meaning of the film.

For everyone else, pick a different movie and not waste your time. Life is too important to lose an hour and half on something like this.


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