Old Main Catering

One does not expect to find delicious gourmet food from the same group that cooks in the cafeteria of a college. But that is the case at Lander in Greenwood, SC. Old Main Catering provides the food for the university and events around Greenwood. It was so delectable that I decided to take pictures and share with the world. I wish there was a way you could taste the flavor, but you can at least SEE how good it looks.

On the left – Italian Cream Cake decorated with edible flowers – The cake was moist, but not gummy in texture. The cream cheese frosting was not overly sweet but was a perfect complement to the cake. And there were just enough pecans to tie it all together. Very delicious!

On the right – Prosciutto wrapped asparagus, pita chips with hummus, Basil mozzarella tomato salad, and kalamata olives. Saltiness of the prosciutto along with the crunch of the asparagus was on point. Pita and hummus is my new favorite snack. One can never go wrong with basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes. To top it off, the olives had just enough briny flavor.

I really liked Old Main Catering’s tapas offerings and I would suggest them for any catered event.


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