Dance Central 2 – Xbox with Kinect

Dance Central 2 is  dancing game that is a lot of fun but be sure to have plenty of room so that you can move around.

When I bought it, I was confident that I would have high scores because I have plenty of rhythm. I know Spanish dances (bachata, salsa, cumbia, merengue) by basically learning the steps. If I can do that, I should be able to do this game. Right? I did not realize that most of the dance moves were like the choreography that is on music videos. Plus, my overconfidence did not prepare me for the fact that I would not get full credit for the dance moves if the whole body is not EXACTLY like the dance on screen. The graphics are so good so that you can really see the body positions for the different moves.

Of the different dance settings to choose, I like the exercise workout setting called “Fitness”. There are various fitness playlists that play different upbeat songs to get the heart racing. It tracks the amount of time spent playing and even counts calories burned. I don’t use the calorie counter because it seems to underestimate calories. I have unlocked different options on the game by getting high scores and playing times.

My favorite dance is Lil T.

My favorite song is Satellite by Lena (it has a high difficulty rating probably because of the Catwalk move-not as easy as it sounds).

I like that there is a wide variety of song. There is hip hop, dance, techno, R&B, old school, slow and fast beats. Here is a list of some of the songs and the artists that I have danced in the last month that I have had this game.

  • “Baby Got Back (Mix Mix)” Sir Mix-a-Lot
  • “Bad Romance” Lady Gaga
  • “Born This Way” Lady Gaga
  • “Body to Body” Electric Valentine
  • “Bulletproof” La Roux
  • “Club Can’t Handle Me” Flo Rida ft. David Guetta
  • “Conceited (There’s Something About Remy)” Remy Ma
  • “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” Usher ft. Pitbull
  • “Fire Burning” Sean Kingston
  • “Get Ur Freak On” Missy Elliot
  • “Grenade” Bruno Mars
  • “I Like It” Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull 2010s 3 Riptide Emilia
  • “I Wish for You” EXILE
  • “Impacto (Remix)” Daddy Yankee ft. Fergie
  • “Last Night” Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole
  • “Like a G6” Far East Movement ft. Cataracs and Dev
  • “Mai Ai Hee (Dragostea Din Tei)” O-Zone
  • “Massive Attack” Nicki Minaj ft. Sean Garrett
  • “Meddle” Little Boots
  • “My Prerogative” Bobby Brown
  • “Nothin’ on You” B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars
  • “Oops (Oh My)” Tweet ft. Missy Elliot 2000s 3 The Glitterati Jaryn
  • “Real Love” Mary J. Blige
  • “Rude Boy” Rihanna
  • “Run (I’m a Natural Disaster)” Gnarls Barkley
  • “Sandstorm” Darude
  • “Satellite” Lena
  • “Sexy Chick” David Guetta ft. Akon
  • “Somebody to Love” Justin Bieber
  • “Technologic” Daft Punk
  • “The Breaks” Kurtis Blow
  • “The Humpty Dance” Digital Underground
  • “This Is How We Do It” Montell Jordan
  • “Toxic” Britney Spears
  • “Turn Me On” Kevin Lyttle
  • “Venus” Bananarama
  • “Whip My Hair” Willow Smith
  • “You’re a Jerk” New Boyz

Overall, I really like this game. This is the  first dancing game that I bought, but I have found that the graphics are better than some of the other dancing games on the market. To some, the song selection may get old after a while, but there is the option to download more songs using XBox Live. I do not mind because I think the songs  have nice beats that get me moving. I am glad that I found something that can help to keep me active, burning calories on a regular basis, and there are enough songs and difficulty levels so that I won’t be bored any time soon.


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