Gnomeo and Juliet

Gnomeo and Juliet was a cute movie loosely based on the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet. In this case, the characters were opposing families of garden gnomes and other statues that come to life when humans are not around. A gnome is a red or blue based on the color of their hat. For as long as they can remember, there has been an ongoing feud of red versus blue. No one can remember how it got started, but they are sworn enemies. This lead to all sorts of destruction and mayhem on both sides in the name of defending the family’s honor. Because of a series of circumstances, Gnomeo and Juliet meet each other in another garden. The attraction is apparent before they know that the color of the other gnome’s hat. But even after the knowing that bit of information, they are still drawn to each other.

Like the play, their love is doomed to fail. But since this a children’s movie, the ending is not as tragic as the play.

This movie was a cartoon for children. There were very few jokes or innuendos that would be understood by the adults only.

Overall: If I had children, I would buy this for them because it was a cute, wholesome movie. As an adult without children, I do not think I would buy for myself.


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