Senor Chicken – Washington DC

Senor Chicken was located in a little strip mall in Langley Park VA. I was hungry and wanted something other than McDonalds or Taco Bell. I found this place while shopping. Incidentally, I saw a lot of restaurants that said they served “Peruvian style chicken” and “Pollo a la brasa” (broiled chicken usually over fire). Of course you know that my mouth was watering at this point.
Since I was with my brother-in-law and his wife, we decided to order a whole chicken. It came with salad and a side. We got rice and beans. The
salad was average- cut up pieces of iceberg lettuce and small wedge of tomato. The rice and beans was well seasoned. I could taste the time and
effort that was put into preparing it.
The reason for the restaurant, the main course, the CHICKEN was delicious! Each piece, regardless if it was white or dark meat, was juicy. The seasoning permeated all parts of the chicken. It even seems as if the bones were seasoned well. It was not overly salty or spicy.

There was a little hint of smokiness since it was cooked over a fire in a brick or stone type of oven. It was served with two types of sauces. I
am guessing that the green sauce was supposed to be spicy. The cream sauce was almost like a thousand island type of sauce. I liked both so
much that I dipped my chicken in both sauces. This is not to say that the meat needed sauce. It did not need any sauce, ketchup, honey mustard
etc. It seemed to be more civilized to eat the sauce with my chicken instead of tipping the cup up to my mouth and drinking the sauce. I
think other customers would have agreed with me.

Overall: The chicken was scrumptious. IF can restrain yourself from eating a whole chicken and you are fortunate enough to have leftovers, the chicken does not lose flavor when it is reheated.


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