Burlesque (movie with Cher and Christina Aguilera)

This is the typical story of a young girl from the mid-west that is determined to make it in the big city. And as always, she finds a boyfriend who respects her mind too. The story is the same, but the names are different.

I thought that this would be a movie for my and hubby to watch- chick story for me and eye candy for him. Well I was wrong. There were not enough skimpy outfits and eye candy to amuse him and distract from the fact there was not a lot of quality acting or mediocre script writing. And Cher’s face was so taut, I could not pay attention to her acting.  Half way through the movie, even I was getting bored and starting playing Farmville (I can only take so much).

All in all, it was a major CHICK FLICK. Girls, keep that in mind if you were thinking this would be a good date movie. I suggest saving it for Ladies’ Night. Straight men will probably not be impressed with this movie since there is not enough scantily clad women to compensate for the film’s shortcomings.

If you like to hear Christina Aguilera wailing (or as some would say “hitting those high notes”), you will probably love this movie.


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