John’s Water Ice – Philly PA

I did not know about water ice until I was in Philadelphia, PA (maybe I knew but didn’t pay attention). On this particular summer day, I was hot and wanted something sweet and cold to eat. I took a chance by going to John’s Water Ice. I think in the backof my mind I thought that I might have heard of water ice before from one of the many travelling food show that I watch (but I could not be sure). I was so glad that I tried it.

This is the ultimate icee. I love this shaved ice that has the texture of ice cream even though it is small ice pieces. I chose Cherry because
that is my favorite summertime flavor. The flavor was sweet like fruit punch or HiC without the syrupy aftertaste.

It was so good, I am hesitant to try any other water ice. I don’t know how anyone could make a water ice any better. I would rather revel in
this memory instead of spoiling it by eating a mediocre water ice. And the next time I am in Philly, I know where to go for a delicious cool treat.


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