This wary widow gives me mixed emotions

The Wary Widow – Jerrica Knight-Catania

Chloe is a widow in London to be with her cousin’s Elizabeth “Lizzie” acting in the capacity chaperone. Lizzie is engaged to Andrew. But things to do not turn out as expected, when sparks fly between Chloe and Andrew. Chloe is in a situation where her heart and mind are waging war because she knows that whatever she chooses, there will be definitely casualties.

I do not usually enjoy stories where one person is already in a relationship at the beginning of the story. I know it should make me feel better to know that two people married for love instead of settling for a lackluster mediocre union. I was also annoyed at what all it took for Andrew to finally decide on an socially acceptable way to marry Chloe. I think he was playing with fire by indulging his desires to be with Chloe before he had things totally worked out with her cousin. He should have thought about the implications of his actions.

If I am reading a story where there is some sort of love triangle, I like it better knowing that the person who is cast aside so the two main characters can follow their heart is a very unlikable character. In this case, I felt sorry for Lizzie. She was an unsuspecting victim in this situation who ended up with hurt feelings. Although in time she will see that everything happened was for the best, she has a lot of feelings of hurt and betrayal to deal with first.

That was the only negative of the story for me. I thought Chloe was a sweet girl who deserved to find someone special since she lost her husband. Her and Andrew’s romance might not have started in the best way, but I think that they could possibly have a stronger relationship because of all that they went through to be together.

I realize that I am talking about these characters as if they are real people. I think that says something about the author’s ability to weave a story that seems so real that the reader is at the point of emotional involvement.

Check out the book for yourself and let me know what you think – The Wary Widow: The Wetherby Brides, Book 3


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