I love Fusion – Greenwood SC

Fusion Thai and Japanese cuisine in Greenwood SC is one of my favorite restaurants. They serve (as the name implies) Thai and Japanese food.
From the Japanese menu, I like the hibachi chicken, fried rice, and fried vegetable mix (mostly cabbage though). During lunch, the entrée comes with soup and salad. It is not anything too special but it is really tasty. The portion size is also good for me. When I am really hungry, I can eat the whole thing. But on a normal day, if I eat all of my soup and salad, I can eat about half of my chicken and rice. I do not know if they make their ginger dressing, but it is good. The balance of flavors work very well together. I usually ask for extra so that I can put ginger dressing on my hibachi vegetables. Don’t knock until you try it .

From the Thai menu, I usually get one of the various curry dishes (see picture). When I have Thai food, I get white rice. The picture show the dinner portion. I was eating off of this plate for days. I did not realize so much rice comes with the meal (in the silver dish with ladle). When asked how spicy I want my food, I usually go for the medium hot spice. For anyone that eats Thai food knows, Asian spicy can cause a sneaky-take-a-minute-for-your-head-to-catch-fire feeling. And I like it!!! But if you are not used to spicy, let the server know. I do not want you to ruin your meal because you cannot eat the food if it is too spicy. Depending on who you ask, you might not get a real understanding how spicy the food is until you begin to eat it and you are sweating profusely while your nose is running and your tongue goes numb. For me, I like a little foodie torture while I feel the heat.

If you live in Greenwood and you have not been by Fusion, you are missing out on some really delicious food. If you live out of town, do yourself a favor and pass through Greenwood and visit Fusion. You will not be disappointed.


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