He makes her a proposal she can’t refuse

The Proposal – Brenda Jackson

Jason Westmoreland is a fine-as-melt-in-your-mouth-chocolate cowboy. He is a man that knows what he wants and goes after it.

Elizabeth “Bella” is a genteel Savannah-bred woman who inherited the ranch neighboring Jason’s from the grandfather she did not know about until after his death. Since she lead a somewhat sheltered life by her overprotective parents, this is her first taste of freedom. Meanwhile, her parents think she is being foolish and are trying to force her to return to Savannah and marry the man they have picked out for her. So when her freedom is jeopardized, her only possible option seems to be a business proposal from Jason. But is she making a deal with the devil?

His agenda is (1) Bella (2) Her farmland (3) Hercules – a stud horse.

The reason for his sense of entitlement to her property has a lot to do with his relationship to her grandfather. Once Jason realizes that Bella is the woman he wants, he resorts in a little fast talking and subtle manipulation to make sure she is his. Bella knows what she is feeling but cannot determine if Jason is genuine or only after her land (as her uncle accuses). Considering her limited experience with men, it is easy to understand why she is being so cautious.

I am glad one of the secondary characters gave Jason the advise to communicate with Bella to prevent misunderstandings. Clearing the air and sharing their feelings is the best thing for them to have done. It works out for both of them. Ms Jackson has done it again with an entertaining story and likeable characters!

I think you will like this book too The Proposal (Harlequin Desire)


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