Jared has a fake fiancee but it all works out

Jared’s Counterfeit Fiancée – Brenda Jackson

Jared Westmoreland is a divorce lawyer who has sworn off marriage because of all the failed marriages that he has seen. When a couple is going through a divorce, it brings out the worst in people.

Dana was on the short end of a broken engagement when her ex-fiancé realized his attraction was not for females. In the end that was the best thing for her.  Because of that failed engagement, she met Jared. Tall, dark, smart, attractive, and most of all STRAIGHT!

As usual there is a little misunderstanding that keeps the main characters together. In this case the little misunderstanding at a family gathering leads to the erroneous belief that Jared and Dana are engaged. His mom is thrilled to say the least. Extenuating circumstances cause them to continue the charade. Somewhere along the way, they realize their feelings were not entirely for show.

Another Westmoreland man who swore to the single life has found a woman he cannot seem to live without.

This book is funny but has its steamy moments. I like the characters and how they ended up together.

It is worth it for you to get this book Jared’s Counterfeit Fiancé


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