He loves her but does she really love him?

Convincing Alex  – Nora Roberts


Main characters:

  • Alex – detective investigating the murders of prostitutes by a serial killer 
  • Bess – story writer for a soap opera

Alex meets Bess when he arrests her for prostitution. She is not really a prostitute, but she is trying to do some research to help with character development for the soap opera. In the course of the story, we come to know that Bess is a big hearted, generous person always looking out for her friend’s happiness, even when her latest friend happens to be a prostitute she met during her brief time on the streets.

The attraction between Alex and Bess is very apparent to both of them. What is not helping things is the fact that they have to spend a lot of time in each other’s company because she still needs to do her character research. Alex is a born skeptic when it comes to how Bess feels about him because of what he has read in the weekly tabloids about her romantic history. Plus, he feels like she is from another world and does not see how they could have a normal relationship.

Nevertheless, Alex falls head over heels in love for Bess. It is frustrating for her because she does not know what to do to convince him that she feels the same way. After all, how many broken engagements has she had?

This was an interesting twist to the romance novels that I am used to reading. I cannot remember another novel where the man was the first to declare his love and refused to want the woman to do the same. While I was reading, I was wondering what could Bess do and what her options would be if she is trying to declare her love to someone who is so emotionally involved but distanced at the same time.

Adding the stress of a serial killer to the mix, and this book belongs in the suspense romance category!

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