He is a cutie in a coma


Sleeping Handsome – Jean Haus

This the story of a young, rich girl (Paige) with so many insecurities regarding her social status that she uses her money to keep fake friends. But when her supposed friend throws her under the bus metaphorically for cheating at school, she is forced to deal with the duplicitous nature of her friend.

As part of her punishment, she has to read to a young boy who is in a coma. This task becomes more interesting when she finds his journal.His journal of unfettered thoughts provide a window into his view of life and the issues that affect him.

Her conversation with him, through responses to his journal entries, is equally uncensored because he cannot hear her since he is in a coma. While the reading is thought to be therapeutic for him because it stimulates his brain activity, it helps her to develop and mature emotionally to have healthier relationships with the people who are most important in her life.

The story was short and sweet. I liked the way that it ended. This is a good read for a young adult because it emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself. Only then will a person be able to be happy.


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