Compromise and change equals love story?

A Compromising Affair (Arabesque) – Gwynne Forester

Scott Galloway is an ambassador who has finished one assignment and wants to find a wife before taking his next assignment. Denise Miller is a philanthropist working for an organization that helps children of immigrants (important later). Since Scott decides that he wants a wife, he begins to direct his attention to Denise (I still do not know how I feel about the man being on the prowl- seems like he is getting married for the wrong reason). They have a mutual attraction, but Denise has a lot of hang ups that prevent her from committing to a serious relationship.

Scott’s interim assignment was heading the immigration division which caused additional problems with their relationship. The organization, that Denise works with, made some statements that differed with the government’s official policy. Someone made the comment that Denise should publically support Scott. I did not agree with that.

Denise should not be forced to change her opinions in order to conform with her boyfriend. To me that was saying that two political figures could not have a successful personal relationship if they support different policies.

Her friends keep telling her to get it together because Scott is everything she wants. Scott wants her to trust him so that their relationship can progress. Knowing what Denise was dealing with emotionally, I did not like the fact that Scott was so pushy. I understand he was on the fast track to get a wife that fit into his career timeline, but I do not think that was fair to Denise.

As the book progressed, so did my frown lines. There is pressure from all directions, but is the relationship that what she really wants? Do they have what it takes as a couple to have a lasting happy marriage?

Maybe I am overreacting but the moral of this story to me seemed to be this: A woman has a job until she meets the man she is going to marry. Then she compromises and changes to do what he wants.

Since I am used to a different type of romance novel where the main characters revel in their differences while giving into to their love for each other, I admit that this may be an overreaction. Check out A Compromising Affair (Arabesque) and let me know what you think.


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