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I hate pranksters

Naughty by Nature (The NAUGHTY AND NICE Series)

Scale of 1 – 5: ♥

In the book Naughty by Nature (The NAUGHTY AND NICE Series) Tessa is a prankster. Wolf is a billionaire and her unwitting victim. But some how they get together, fall in love, and have a happy ever after story.

I don’t like pranksters. Especially when they are screwing with people’s minds and think it’s funny.

To make matters worse, those stunts Tessa pulled were to get attention when people were ignoring her.

How immature is that?

She was very self-absorbed at times. It seemed incongruous with the way she treated Wolf’s ailing mother and the fact that she was a teacher. Not saying that self-absorbed people cannot be teachers, but the good teachers are usually more mature in their actions.

Although she had some redeeming characteristics, the pranking annoyed me to no end. I don’t even know why I read/talked this book.

Oh yeah. I read a couple books by the same author, and thought it cannot be too bad.

I was wrong. Tessa was ridiculously annoying. Wolf should have dropped prank girl for someone who was less attention hungry.

Maybe I am too hard on this book. Or maybe you love this author. Or you like pranksters. In any of those cases, you can buy this book on Amazon by clicking Naughty by Nature (The NAUGHTY AND NICE Series)

Let me know what you think…

The 7 things that made me Genuinely and Irreversibly Happy: And how they can do the same for you! by Rohan Healy

I recently read The 7 Things That Made Me Genuinely & Irreversibly Happy: And How They Can Do The Same For You by Rohan Healy. The title seems to make an audacious claim. After reading it, I feel Rohan make good to his claim.

The happiness that Rohan was searching for was not a feeling of extreme giddiness, but contentment in every area of his life. Learning about his struggle as he explains in the beginning of the book helped me to understand the reason for his quest to find happiness. Although I cannot say we have had similar experiences, I can empathize because so much of his story is relatable.

It is my opinion that there are two types of people who need to read this book:

(1)  Unhappy People

(2)  Happy People

What can unhappy people gain from reading this book?

The 7 things are explained, tried, and provided good results. Rohan uses a very logical matter-of-fact approach to expound how each of the 7 things has helped him.  If you are unhappy and want to change that, it is definitely worth investigating Rohan’s path to happiness. In addition to the research and reasoning that he provides, Rohan has included exercises (so have your pen and paper ready). He encourages you as the reader on a journey of truthful self-examination. This is extremely necessary. Asking questions which open your mind will facilitate the process of understanding the root causes of your unhappiness. Once you know the root cause, you can work to eliminate that negative element or reduce its overall effect. Why live with frustration, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness

How can a happy person benefit?

When I first picked up this book, I admit the title intrigued me. I was curious to know if I am doing some of the same 7 things that made him happy. What brings contentment to a person’s life often depends on their upbringing, morals, and experiences. But there are many things that are innately human. No matter who we are, where we live, or educational or socio-economical level we have, we yearn for the same basic needs. How we go about fulfilling those needs will determine our level of contentment and happiness. In line with this thinking, the 7 things explained by Rohan enabled me, as a self-proclaimed happy person; put to the test what I thought I already knew. Using his exercises, I performed a candid assessment of myself. Rohan’s thought process reinforced to me to keep what I was doing. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that I was on the right track.

I am sure once you read this book; you will no doubt have a favorite of the 7 things. As for me, my favorite was #2. In fact I liked it so much that I bought Rohan’s other book Greeks To Geeks: Practical Stoicism in the 21st Century .

Rating Scale of 1 – 5: ♥ ♥♥♥♥

***In the spirit of full disclosure, I received an advance copy of this book to read in order to review. But that in NO way affected my opinion of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I hope you do too!

To purchase your copy of The 7 Things, visit either Amazon or Smashwords.

Available at Amazon.com for $8.61: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AVKZYGY

Available at Smashwords.com for $8.70:https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/266109.

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Unfinished Business – Nora Roberts

Unfinished Business (Silhouette Intimate Moments) – Nora Roberts

Vanessa is a world renown piano player who returns to the town of her youth. Brady was her high school sweetheart, but he broke her heart when he stood her up on prom night. After her father dies, she returns to her home town for some time for reflection and to decide what she wants out of life.

As usual, for romance novels like these, Brady still loves Vanessa. She has feelings for him too, but she is upset with him for what he did to her all those years ago.

I think that there was not enough communication in this story. Brady should have told Vanessa earlier in the story the REAL reason why did not take her to the prom. And maybe I am so used to external forces causing havoc in young romances, but I could tell straight away that her father has something to do with it. He was too controlling and demanding.

And that seemed to be the elephant in the room. No one wanted to tell Vanessa that her father ruined her relationships in order to isolate her. They just made comments like “That’s odd” and dismissed it.  Her father made sure that she thought he was all she had. I am sure he did it to make sure she stayed focused on her career, but it was in the attainment of goals he wanted, not necessarily the life that she would have chosen for herself.

The bright point of this story for me was that Vanessa finally got her mother’s side of what happened. She was able to deal with the bitterness she felt towards her mother and repair that damaged relationship. This also helps her to make decisions about what she wants out of life in order to be happy. The grudges she held for so long were based on distortions of the truth.

Even though Unfinished Business (Silhouette Intimate Moments) was a romance novel, I think that it was more a story about learning to forgive past transgressions and love family. It is a good, predictable book for a Saturday afternoon.

Click Unfinished Business (Silhouette Intimate Moments) to buy on Amazon

Return of the runaway bride

Return of the Runaway Bride
by Donna Fasano

It was their wedding day in Savanna had cold feet. She told her mom she cannot go through with it. Her mom dismissed her concerns and told her not to worry because Danny would be a good provider. Even though Savanna knew this to be true, in that moment, she was feeling so smothered, that she ran away.

Fast forward six years~~~~

Savanna returns to the small town of Fulton Virginia and she is looking for resolution and forgiveness. She is hoping that her hometown can embrace her once more.

A lot has changed since she’s left. Danny now goes by Daniel and he has not even begun to deal with the emotions he felt when she left. Savanna thought he would have been okay and is ready to bury the hatchet. She wanted him to understand why she had to leave, but he was still very bitter and angry. I was thinking “Ummm could be the fact that you DITCHED HIM at the altar!

Soon enough there is a community project that has them working together, giving Savanna a chance to prove herself (there is always something to tie the main guy/girl together). No longer immature, she is an independent woman and who is still in love with the sweetheart from her teenage years.

I agree that Daniel should not have made it easy for Savanna considering all the pain and anguish she caused him when she left. Saying “Sorry, can we be friends?” Was not going to cut it. When he alluded to the fact that she might run off, abandoning the town once more, she tried not to be hurt that he lacked confidence in her. I was on his side the whole way. She had to pay and prove herself to be trustworthy. Most of all, she had to show Daniel that she was worthy of a second chance if he is understanding enough to accept.

In the book Return of the Runaway Bride , it goes to show that sometimes two people can be in love but their timing to be together could be wrong. When Savanna left Danny/Daniel the timing might have been right for him but it was not right for her. Fortunately for her, when she was mature enough to accept the love that he was willing to give he was still available.

How would beauty change you?

Beauty (The Beauty Series)

Scale of 1 – 5: ♥ ♥ ♥

Has ever been something that you wanted and you thought if you had it all your troubles would be over? What would you do if someone offered it to you? How deep is your desire?

Eve thought that if she lost weight, she would be pretty. And if she was pretty, all her troubles would be over. She would have friends that she wanted, the boy that she wanted, the life that she deserves.

Through a twist of fate, she has the body she always wanted. She is skinny.

But nothing ever comes without a price.

What is her price? As long as she stays the person she is, keeps her personality the same, she is able to stay skinny. It would seem to be a simple thing: stay a good person and stay slim.

And then we find out what low she is willing to go just to grasp the life of person she thinks that she wants to be. And as her problems snowball, her body begins to gain weight. As Eve spirals out of control, she has to make definite decisions about what should be important in her life.

  • What leads to true happiness?
  • What good is a friend if he or she is fake?
  • What good is a friend if they do not have your best interests in mind?

Beauty (The Beauty Series) was the worst case scenario for someone who has a chance at something they desired their whole life. It seems that every possible bad decision, Eve made it. All the while she was trying to justify why it was okay. She believed that she could beat the system as if her actions had no consequences.

Beauty (The Beauty Series) was interesting in a very dark way. It could almost be seen as a cautionary tale. In Eve’s case, her desire was weight-loss, but I think that “weight loss” could be a metaphor for any item that you desire with your whole being and you’re willing to sacrifice your life for that.

Some things we feel are worth the sacrifice, but we end up losing more of ourselves in the pursuit of that goal. So, was it worth it?

***warning: this book contains drug abuse, rape, and other disturbing acts