Helmsley Park Lane Hotel – NYC hotel review

I had to go to a meeting in Downtown Manhattan, blocks away from Times Square. I waited until the last minute to get my room so most hotels were already booked. I ended up at the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel in a $500/night room. The per night rate cost more than my roundtrip plane ticket.
The room was big similar to a suite in a regular hotel. It had a bedroom with a separate living area (room for a sofa, coffee table, computer desk, and TV) and kitchenette. Aside from the great views of the city, I did not feel as though I got my money’s worth with this room. I guess I was paying for location.

For the most part, I was comfortable. However, the main thing that bothered me was the thermostat in the room. It was September but a little colder than I would have liked. I turned on the heat. The fan was blowing but the air was cool and not getting any hotter. I called room service and they said that the heat is not turned on until October.

What? Five hundred a night and I cannot get any heat?
I would have settled for a space heater at this point. I was so chilly. They did offer to send me some extra blankets, which I accepted.
After that, the room lost a little bit of its luster.
I do not have the personal budget to pay that kind of money per night considering there was not anything spectacular about the room or the services the hotel provided. If I ever stay here again, it would be because of business reasons and nothing else was available.


2 thoughts on “Helmsley Park Lane Hotel – NYC hotel review

  1. NYC is a great place to visit, but a hard place to find a decent room cheap. Lower level rooms are generally cheaper than upper. Jack and I have visited NY on several occasions, and I never got to see the Statue of Liberty. Next time see if the Y has any rooms. They used to do that. I agree with you about the room not being impressive. It looks like $59.00 worth. It reminded me of the 1.5 million dollar home on the beach I stayed in. I was expecting something grand. It was exactly like the cabins I stayed in as a teenager when I went to Bible camp, minus the bunk beds. Location, location, location. (By the way, our house was the 2nd row back from the water. The house in front of us, directly on the beach, was for sale. They wanted around 6 million for it.)


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