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Helmsley Park Lane Hotel – NYC hotel review

I had to go to a meeting in Downtown Manhattan, blocks away from Times Square. I waited until the last minute to get my room so most hotels were already booked. I ended up at the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel in a $500/night room. The per night rate cost more than my roundtrip plane ticket.
The room was big similar to a suite in a regular hotel. It had a bedroom with a separate living area (room for a sofa, coffee table, computer desk, and TV) and kitchenette. Aside from the great views of the city, I did not feel as though I got my money’s worth with this room. I guess I was paying for location.

For the most part, I was comfortable. However, the main thing that bothered me was the thermostat in the room. It was September but a little colder than I would have liked. I turned on the heat. The fan was blowing but the air was cool and not getting any hotter. I called room service and they said that the heat is not turned on until October.

What? Five hundred a night and I cannot get any heat?
I would have settled for a space heater at this point. I was so chilly. They did offer to send me some extra blankets, which I accepted.
After that, the room lost a little bit of its luster.
I do not have the personal budget to pay that kind of money per night considering there was not anything spectacular about the room or the services the hotel provided. If I ever stay here again, it would be because of business reasons and nothing else was available.