Buffalo Grill

Buffalo Grill – Main Street, Greenwood SC

Last summer Buffalo Grill opened. They serve wings, burgers, chicken sandwiches and fries. It took me a while to go because I heard they were pricey. Plus, I have another spot that I go and was not interested in trying the competition.

That being said, my friend suggested Buffalo Grill and I decided I did not have a better suggestion and we went. With regards to the cost of the sandwiches, it was not as expensive as I thought. You can expect to pay $7-10 for the sandwiches without fries. Fries are about $3 but the serving sizes are big enough to feed 2 people (maybe even 3 depending on how hungry everyone is). I ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich and it was a big fried piece of meat generously doused in buffalo sauce. The flavor was good and "hot" was not too spicy. And the "buffalo fries" were covered in the same buffalo sauce. A simple concept but I was wondering why no one else has thought of it!

The atmosphere and feel of the restaurant was what I expected. It has an open layout with televisions tuned to the sport’s networks. Servers greeted us with a smile as soon as we walked it. It did take considerable time for us to get our food. That is because they make everything to order. I only mention that because if you are going there for lunch, be prepared to get back to work a little late. Other than that, it was a good meal and I will be back.


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