Italian Stolen Bride review

The Italian’s Stolen Bride (Harlequin Presents)

Scale of 1 – 5: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The story begins with a deathbed confession from Luc’s brother revealing secret family sins. Being from the old country, Maurizio thought his son Luc was better off without Skye and needed to marry someone who was better suited. He used his money and power, while enlisting the help of his other son Roberto, to effectively separate Luc and Skye.

Now that Luc knows the truth, he is not going to let his second chance at happiness elude him. As for Skye, the victim and pawn in the disfunctional wealthy family’s manipulation, she wants nothing to do with Luc or his family. If it were not for her son, she could have probably made that happen. Since Luc has rights to Matteo as his father, she had to weigh what was best for her son, even if it means trying to fight the feelings of love for the man that hurt her 6 years ago.

I liked this story because it was about true love fighting against all odds to be together. The conflict in Luc’s family was so real. He was determined to be with the woman that he loved. Skye was not going to let her man give up his family for her without first trying to make peace.

The characters are working to resolve feelings of bitterness and mistrust in order to find true happiness.

To sum up Italian’s Stolen Bride, it is about family, acceptance, redemption, and love. Have I said how much I liked this story? Sigh…

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