Wahoo Fish tacos

I went to the Wahoo’s Fish Tacos in Austin Texas (on Congress across from food truck Nomad Dosa). This is a chain restaurant, but it did not feel like it. The service and atmosphere in the restaurant was comfortable like it was on the beach somewhere. Since that is the vibe they are going for, I would say that they did a good job of replicating to original restaurant’s concept.

I went during Happy Hour and there was a discount on the margaritas. I do not know what time Happy Hour started, but it was over at 7 pm. Thankfully for me, I got there about 6:30.
Of course, I ordered fish tacos because that is what they are known for. Since I was not that hungry but I wanted to eat something while I was drinking, I only ordered 2 tacos.

The fish in the taco was firm but flaked apart when I bit in to it. The Cajun spices were just enough so that the fish was well-seasoned. I should have taken a picture of the fish instead of the whole taco. I don’t know what fish was used for the taco but this was the best fish taco I have ever had.

The margarita was tasty enough. There was not enough tequila to my liking (but I like STRONG margaritas, plus I was in Austin a few weeks after going to Cancun which spoiled my taste buds). The size of the margarita was just enough for me considering what I had to eat.

Overall: The meal was fresh and light. And the margarita was a refreshing complement to the food. I loved my food and would return for seconds.


2 thoughts on “Wahoo Fish tacos

  1. I’ll keep them in mind the next time I’m in Texas. I have yet to try a fish taco. I can’t seem to get away from the beef ones. Did you remember to try BuzzBrews Kitchen in Dallas while you were there? They’re open 24 hours and they have 3 locations in Dallas. I’m not sure how close that would have been to you.


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