Mer men need love too

In Over Her Head ♥♥♥♥


Erica is a marina owner who is not having a good day. Her ex-boyfriend has her at gunpoint diving for diamonds that she unintentionally threw overboard. And then he shoots her.

Reel a Mer man and second son of the king of the seas. He has been infatuated with Erica since he was younger. When her life is in danger, he saves her the only way he knows how: turn her into a water breather. She was unconscious at the time. When she comes to, she is understandably freaked out.

Reel broke a cardinal rule of underwater law forbidding mer creatures to turn humans. As a result, Reel and Erica have to work together to complete an assigned task which will prevent her execution.


In many ways, this was like the Disney story “Little Mermaid” with a dose of Greek mythology thrown into the mix. It could have been really cheesy, but the author pulled it off well.

Erica and Reel were likeable characters. She had trust issues, plus she was unfairly put in a bad situation by her ex-boyfriend. Her whole world changed in an instant. All she wants is to go home and that is not possible. I felt sorry for her.

In the beginning, Reel seemed to be really irresponsible. He has major daddy issues which affects his outlook on life. He is different from his siblings since he is the only mer man without a tail. He has no real purpose for his life and does not think that his decisions matter. What he feels for Erica causes a change and he wants to be a better person for her. He begins to question what he wants out of life and what it is really worth. I liked seeing the transition in him.

Overall, I give In Over Her Head major points because it was not the standard cookie cutter Greek mythology romance. This was a great inventive plot with engaging main and supporting characters. The ending was a plus too. It did not end the way I thought it would, but I was still satisfied.


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