Good Girls Don’t but they need to do better

Good Girls Don’t (Hqn) ♥♥♥

Tessa is trying to do everything to hold her family together. All she has are her two brothers who are at each other’s throats because they differ in opinion of how to operate the family business. When there is a break-in, investigator Luke is on the case. Sparks are flying between them two and this prompts Tessa to seek Luke out for some consenting adult activities.

Tessa hides their affair from her overprotective brothers (which I think is a little ridiculous). Luke was a reluctant party in the affair because he is still bitter from the fact that his ex-wife left his while she had cancer. What does that say about him? His sick wife would rather be alone than have someone like him to lean on?

Tessa’s personality mildly annoyed me. On many occasions, she acted like a brat and tried to control everything to keep her brothers insulated. In her attempts to play peacemaker and keep everyone content, she would tell little lies. Deception gets complicated very quickly. This would end up stressing her out. When Tessa went off on Luke, I thought she was an idiot because there was no reason to take out her anger on him. She was exposed for all her misdeeds but she flipped it to make him somehow responsible.

Overall, Good Girls Don’t was more about Tessa coming to terms with her own bad behavior than the actual Tessa-Luke romance. Even with both of them being two emotionally messed up individuals, there is a happy-ever-after ending and all loose ends are resolved.

Side note: I still do not know what was the purpose of spending so much time on Wallace’s sex life. I do not see what it added to the story.


One thought on “Good Girls Don’t but they need to do better

  1. Unfortunately, sex sells; even bad sex. Some people throw it in just for the sake of having it there. I skip over those scenes. I don’t need to read some pitiful description of sex; like you said, most of the time the sex adds nothing and does occasionally detract from the story.
    I guess those scenes are for people with lousy sex lives, or think they can learn something from how others do it. Let me tell you about…(ha, if you only knew!)


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