Honeymoon for one

Honeymoon For One ♥♥♥


Michelle was dumped right before her wedding when the groom married her best friend. She decides to take the honeymoon and throws caution to the wind by having a vacation affair with Kirk. She returns to her real life and guess who her new boss is?

Kirk has never had a problem with his personal life interfering with his business decisions. However, when it comes to dealing with his new employee Michelle, his emotions get in the way. Hint: It is because they have a steamy history.


The story was entertaining. I enjoyed the characters and how they reacted in certain situations. There was a lot of irony in the plot line that made me laugh out loud. I bonded a little with the characters. I was just as annoyed with Michelle with her EX-best friend’s efforts to try to rekindle their friendship. What part of “You stole my fiancé” did she not comprehend?

Kirk was funny because he could not understand what was happening to him. I could imagine him looking very perplexed and asking, “What these feelings that I never felt before?” Good thing he had his friend to help him figure it all out.

Overall, Honeymoon For One is a light romance read with a plot that is not complicated. The story was a bit construed, but that was to be expected. Sometimes, I want that because it can be quite entertaining.


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