A kiss leads to marriage

Trapped Into Marriage ♥♥♥♥


Keyonna is a successful professional woman who is trying to convince her ex-boyfriend that she is no longer interested in him. To prove her point, she makes a big deal about kissing Nick. This sets into motion a series of events she did not expect.

Nick has a deadline to get married or lose his billionaire status. When Keyonna’s kiss ruins his current fiancée choice, he tells Keyonna she has to marry him instead. While this started as somewhat of a business transaction where he had to strong arm her into agreeing, it becomes evident that Nick is falling hard.  He has got to make Keyonna believe that he wants a real marriage.

Nick is the typical jaded alpha-males that are usually are in billionaire romances. It is his belief that all women are out to get married to the man with the most money. While reading, I thought “the bigger the chip on their shoulder, the harder they fall in love”. And he fell hard.

Keyonna is not one to ignore the major, sizzling chemistry between her and Nick. Although, realistic insecurities surface when she thinks about how different her and Nick are, especially since they did not marry for love. The incident at the wedding had me cheering for Keyonna even though I am usually a big advocate of open communication.

Both Keyonna and Nick needed to go through some major changes to understand what they had and be able to appreciate finding their soul mate. There were several villains who were jealous of their relationship and tried to sabotage everything. But in the end, it was a happy ever after story.

Why I LOVED Trapped Into Marriage? The epilogue. PERFECT. It fast forwarded the story 5 years and showed a happy couple living a happy married life. So sweet!!!! I said “Awwww” and “Ooooo” so many times. As a side note, I did not know this was a interracial couple when I read the book. It did not matter because race did not play a role in the story to me. But thinking about it, I bet their babies were super cute.

Buy this book Trapped Into Marriage!!!!




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