Can’t buy me love

Can’t Buy Me Love (The Eligible Billionaires) (Volume 1) ♥♥♥


Meg is Cole’s executive personal assistant and the lead working on closing a deal that would be a major win for Cole’s company. Due to an unstable childhood because of a mother who was not discerning with her bed partners, Meg has a rule not to engage in a physical relationship with her boss.

Cole is CEO and his executive assistant has been getting under his skin. Although he suspects that he might be in love, he does not want to succumb because of his major trust issues. Yes, they are justified concerns, but he cannot assume every person is out to get him.


Both main characters are emotionally damage, but Cole’s distrust is almost the downfall of the relationship. At least in the end, he addresses those issues in the correct romantic way. Meg was a good, strong female. She was spunky enough to stand up for herself and walked away when she needed to do so. She might have been crying when she left, but she made her exit with her head held high. She was the ultimate professional and thought a lot about safeguarding her reputation.

Overall, I totally liked Meg. She had her principles and she stuck to them so that she would not be accused of ending up like her mother. Cole was okay, but even better once he realized that what a gem he had in Meg. For most of the book, he was the stereotypical alpha-male who did not know what to do when love had his life spiraling out of his control. Plus, Cole’s lack of empathy for the position he put Meg in was slightly annoying to me. While he might have lost money if she was a gold-digger, Meg would lose her professional reputation, and possibly future career opportunities, if people thought she was sleeping with her boss.

In many ways, Can’t Buy Me Love was your typical boss-secretary romance. The story was entertaining and the conflict was well played. I gave the book 3 hearts instead of 4 because it took a while for Cole to learn his lesson.


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