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#Review : Seduced by the loan shark #novella #romance

Seduced by the loan shark

Gathering her courage and the four thousand dollars she has in savings, college co-ed Cassie bravely enters the bar where Hagen, Houston’s most feared loan shark, operates his criminal empire. Her brother is in deep trouble and she’s his last hope. She just prays her payment will be enough to keep the knee-breakers at bay for a little while longer.

Hagen shatters her hope when he informs her the debt owed is far, far more than the four grand she’s scraped together. Feeling rather generous, Hagen makes Cassie an offer she can’t refuse: her body to settle the debt.

Though she expects a degrading, miserable experience, Cassie is shocked by Hagen’s sensual seduction. Left breathless with pleasure after their encounter, Cassie discovers she can’t walk away from Hagen. But she’s flirting with danger now–and someone is bound to get hurt.

The book is short – only five chapters. There is not a lot of time for character development. This story was a quickie just like their relationship. I was disappointed because I was expecting more.

I got this book because I liked the Russian Protector series by the author. Those books were HOT!!! I have never been in to mafia type romances, but Sergei had me rethinking everything!

This book was a spin off of that series. I think if the book had been longer, I probably would’ve liked it a lot better. I felt there was an attraction and a lot of lust, but I did not see a love connection.

TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
Borrow because it is short and the story is not very developed.

Book details
Series: Seduced by the Congressman Book 3
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Print Length: 54 pages

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Fire Lord’s Assistant #scfi #romance

Fire Lord’s Assistant

The Grotesquerie is a circus with alien performers. People think the acts are staged, not realizing that the aliens’ abilities allow them to do amazing feats. Kerr has an act as a Fire Lord, but in reality he is a dragon shifter.

Lauren is a government agent working undercover as Kerr’s assistant. She is part of the investigation to discover who is the real culprit behind a crime Kerr’s brother was arrested for committing. The crime was selling illegal alien technology and Kerr is determined to prove that his brother was innocent.

Genre wise, I would consider this more of a short mystery instead of a romance. The romance piece was more about their physical attraction to one another. It seemed it was more lust than something that could blossom into love. Because the story was short, there wasn’t a lot of time to develop their relationship. They gave into their seeming attraction after a few stolen kisses.

Kerr had a mate before and I was not sure if he was really over her. He knew Lauren was his mate but he was persistent in fighting the attraction. That got old very quickly.

Image result for annoyed meme

I gave the story extra points because the mystery aspect had me guessing right up until the moment the villain revealed himself. Even after he confessed, I was still unsure of his motives at first.

I also liked the fact that the aliens used a circus to be among humans, while not technically hiding their true nature.

TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
Borrow. The story was not anything exceptional, but it was entertaining.

Book details
Series: N/A
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥
Print Length: 93 pages

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Can’t buy me love

Can’t Buy Me Love (The Eligible Billionaires) (Volume 1) ♥♥♥


Meg is Cole’s executive personal assistant and the lead working on closing a deal that would be a major win for Cole’s company. Due to an unstable childhood because of a mother who was not discerning with her bed partners, Meg has a rule not to engage in a physical relationship with her boss.

Cole is CEO and his executive assistant has been getting under his skin. Although he suspects that he might be in love, he does not want to succumb because of his major trust issues. Yes, they are justified concerns, but he cannot assume every person is out to get him.


Both main characters are emotionally damage, but Cole’s distrust is almost the downfall of the relationship. At least in the end, he addresses those issues in the correct romantic way. Meg was a good, strong female. She was spunky enough to stand up for herself and walked away when she needed to do so. She might have been crying when she left, but she made her exit with her head held high. She was the ultimate professional and thought a lot about safeguarding her reputation.

Overall, I totally liked Meg. She had her principles and she stuck to them so that she would not be accused of ending up like her mother. Cole was okay, but even better once he realized that what a gem he had in Meg. For most of the book, he was the stereotypical alpha-male who did not know what to do when love had his life spiraling out of his control. Plus, Cole’s lack of empathy for the position he put Meg in was slightly annoying to me. While he might have lost money if she was a gold-digger, Meg would lose her professional reputation, and possibly future career opportunities, if people thought she was sleeping with her boss.

In many ways, Can’t Buy Me Love was your typical boss-secretary romance. The story was entertaining and the conflict was well played. I gave the book 3 hearts instead of 4 because it took a while for Cole to learn his lesson.

Invitation is a short and sweet romance

An Invitation to Pleasure (A Scandalous Regency Christmas) ♥♥♥

In the prologue, Fergus does his best to convince Susanna that she should not marry Jason Mountjoy. He says the man is no good, without scruples, and is only after her money. Fergus is not successful and she Jason him anyway.

Three years later, Susanna is no longer the naïve miss with notions of romance. However, she is grateful to be a widow instead of suffering in a marriage to a man who was every bit the scum that Fergus described and more. From her life’s lesson, she does not want to get married again.

Fergus has invited her to his home now that he is the Laird of Kilmun to visit his home in the Highlands. He does not tell her, but he invited her for a purpose: make her his wife. He still harbored some guild for not being able to persuade her not to marry Jason. Plus he was in love with her. Fergus thought it would be easy, but quickly realized he had a challenge in trying to romance wary Susanna.

There was not a lot of character development. The story relies heavily on the fact that the characters have a past. The whole story is Fergus trying to convince Susanna to take a chance on him. Overall, An Invitation to Pleasure was a cute, short story. I put this in the category of a light reading when waiting at the doctor’s office or before going to bed. I would not describe it as “Scandalous” because it did not have too graphic love scenes.

Stranded in a snowstorm together means he’s the love of your life

Spellbound & Seduced (A Sinful Regency Christmas) – ♥♥♥

Set in the Scottish Highlands, Lawrence traveled there to become the new laird. A curse was placed on her family hundreds of years before that doomed the husbands of the daughters in family to death a year after marriage. It was love at first sight, but Jura was determined not to fall in love. However, something about Lawrence made her very curious. The inclement weather meant he was stranded at her house for several days. That gave them plenty of time to explore these feelings that had for one another.

This is one of those books that, besides the love scenes, it does not make sense why they fall in love with each other. Love at first sight is supposed to be the explanation. But for me, always trying to find the logical in any situation, I am left confused. Did I miss something? Why did they fall in love?

You are probably surprised at this revelation. Considering the fact that I love to read romance novels, you probably thought I was a great romantic at heart who believed that people can know with a touch or glance that it is true love. In truth, I like love stories but I need some conflict or something that reveals the type of person the main character is. That creates a believable story of why the other person fell in love with them.

Back to Jura and Lawrence’s story…Despite the fact that I do not think they knew each other well enough for protestations of love, I did think it was sweet how they did it. They communicated their feelings plainly and that helped ensure there was no misunderstandings.

Overall, Spellbound & Seduced (A Sinful Regency Christmas) was a short book to read with a cute story. You could finish it in under an hour.

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