A short story that can steam up some of your time

Just One Night (Decadence Creek): ♥ ♥ ♥


Chase owes a lot to Addison’s father since he helped him get his life together when he had a jail record. So he knows a relationship with Addison is out of the question.

If only she was not so desirable…

Two years ago, Chase turned Addison down when she wanted a relationship with him. With Addison back in town for a wedding, Chase’s self-control is not as strong. Addison is trying to come to terms with her attraction for Chase as well.


Since this was a short story, there was not much to review. The couple has history which is alluded to many times. It is the love-lost-the-first-time trope. Chase does not think he deserves someone like Addison even though it is obvious that he is head over heels in love. Addison has a way of breaking through his resolve. Overall, I liked how the story ended. Happy. It is great that the villains attempt to separate the couple backfires and results in them coming together. This is a very short novella and will probably take about an hour or less to read. Hence, the review is very short as well.

Note: the love scenes are steamy and there is some profanity (more than a few F – bombs)

If you do not mind steamy love scenes or profanity, this is really cute short story.

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2 thoughts on “A short story that can steam up some of your time

    • It seems that so many “contemporary ” genre authors have profanity. I think one best seller author did it, and then there were a lot people to copy that trend since that was seems to sell.


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