Who does it better?

Big girls do it series 1 – 4♥ ♥

1 …do it better

2 …wetter

3 …Wilder

4 …on top

In this series of books, Anna is a stylish, curvy size 18 but lacks self-esteem. She cannot understand why not one but two sexy guys would be attracted to her when there are smaller sized women available. Anna bounces between physical relationships with both men.


There are two guys in this series: Chase is a singular and rock star who is interested in Anna. Jeff is Anna’s DJ partner and also love interest.

If the author had stopped at the end of book one and gave it a decent ending or epilogue, I would have rated the book higher. There were several things that were negatives for me.

  1. Love triangle
  2. She sleeps with two men in alternating books. Put very simply: I do not like that. This book seems to be about lust and physical gratification instead of the physical intimacy being an expression of love. If she loved the first guy, why jump in the bed so quickly with another guy? If she fell in love with the second guy, why bone the first guy again? Maybe she should have taken a timeout to decide who she wanted to be with.
  3. I felt sorry for her instead of connecting with the romance. It is obvious to the reader that she is bouncing from man to man because of her lack of self-esteem. I am a strong believer in monogamy. THAT being said, if she wanted to bed hop, let it be because she was decisive enough to know that she wanted multiple partners, not because she was constantly doubting if a man could be attracted to a woman with substantial curves.

I initially bought this book set because the main character was a plus size woman. I am not a size 2 skinny person (or even a size 6) and I thought it would be nice to read a story about a woman who look somewhat like me. That is why I was disappointed with her self-esteem issues. All too common in stories with plus size women, the main source of conflict in the book is the woman’s lack of self-esteem. Why can’t there be more stories with confident women wear their weight is not an issue?

Overall, I think this book set is like a car accident. As annoyed as I was with the items that I mentioned above, I continued reading. I think I thought it would get better. It was as if I cannot look away. Hence, the car accident analogy.

If you want a series that is all about trashy lust (I refuse to call this romance), this is for you. In all other cases, take my word for it and pass on this one.


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